Twelve Hours in a City Recap 3 from nathan m peracciny on Vimeo.

One of our biggest fans and supporters; Nate Perraciny cut down some of our footage, taped a brief intro in Buffalo with Clark (Joe now lives in Austin, Texas) and mashed it up into this awesome recap.

Thanks Nate!
- Clark and Joe

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14 Oct

On the way in to Raleigh we had a crazy flight,  Mitch had flown out of Buffalo to meet us.  He barely made the first flight and then it ended up sitting on the Tarmac in BUF, so by the time he got to JFK he wasn’t even allowed to check in.  However, Thanks to the advent of SMS and the quasi-celebrity status of #12hrs amongst the jetBlue community.  Clark was able to talk to the flight crew and Cpt. Craig sent the gate agent back up the Jet-Way to get Steve on-board!  On top of that, we still had an on-time departure!  Thanks jetBlue!

We landed in Raleigh around 10:30 and were greeted by Joe’s old friend from high school, Maria, who was kind enough to let us use her apartment for the day. Once we got cleaned up, we thought it would be a great idea to hit up the UNC campus and see if we could blend in with college kids (we can’t).

This is really the first serious sports campus we had been to on the trip. UNC is a massive sprawl of a campus that’s probably bigger than Buffalo. It’s HUUUUGE. It’s also breathtakingly beautiful. The way they’ve managed to keep that old southern style of architecture even when designing the new buildings is a testament to the pride of UNC.

We headed over to the stadium to check out where the Tar Heels play. Walking into a REAL college football stadium for the first time is a bit of a “whoa” moment. You can’t help but look around at all the empty seats and imagine tens of thousands of students filling them. All wearing Carolina Blue, screaming at the tops of their lungs for their team! The team that win or lose, is part of the very fabric of their being. You can almost hear the chants, screams, boos, and cheers, while your eyes scan from the end zones to the nose bleeds.

All this walking made us pretty hungry, so Maria decided we should grab some eats at “Top of the Hill.” They brew their own beer there and we all sampled the Blueberry Wheat. It was decent, not as good as our local Ellicottville Brewing Company – Blueberry Wheat, but it was tasty. After looking at the lunch menus we decided it would be best to order a bunch of food and just split it amongst the table. So the group partook in: Sweet Potato Cheese Fries, Smoky BBQ Chicken Pizza, Nachos, and the Baked Crab Dip.

Let’s start with the best, Sweet Potato Cheese Fries. WHOA. They were just amazing, the melted Cheddar & Gorgonzola combined with the creole ketchup made them irresistible.

Next up was the BBQ Pizza. The pizza was alright, the chicken was very tender and Monterrey Jack cheese with BBQ sauce covering made a great combination of flavors. The menu mentioned jalapenos, but we didn’t feel any real heat from them.

The crab dip and the nachos were both tasty but neither came close to being remarkable. As far as nachos go, I’d give them a 7; but oh… the sweet potato fries! They really raised the bar a little too high for an average plate of nachos to reach.

At this point we were all pretty full and it was time to take Clark and Steve to the airport to head to NYC.   When Steve and Clark landed in JFK they ended up at a #tweetup with @blakeeb and @ChelseaRoberson!

Joe stayed in Raleigh to catch up with Maria for the night, they hit up a great Jazz band at a local Martini bar and then retired for the evening. Joe was happy to sleep in a big bed (Or any bed at all for that matter).

See y’all in Phoenix!

Note: Sorry for the delay in the blog posts. We had to crash for a few days after the trip. Also, Clark misplaced about 8GB worth of images(FOUND IT!), so that delayed some of the post-production. We will try and give you something new to read each weekday from now until we run out of content. Thanks for your patience!

- Joe and Clark

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The Associated Press

The Associated Press - Will DDoS you to the Stone Age.

Joe and I met with Carolyn Thompson of the Associated Press this morning at a local coffee shop. We knew AP would bring some traffic… well we thought we knew. According to Google there are 1450 different versions of her article on-line right now, on domains stretching from Forbes to CNN to Yahoo even several international news sites. The traffic volume has been torrential and has basically acted as a huge DDoS attack on the site.

Unfortunately, all the attention ground our site to a halt. We’ve spent the last five hours trying to work with DreamHost to get our server on-line and responsive. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, we really do want to share our adventures with you!

At this point, I believe we may have been migrated over to a private server. Things seem to be running smoother, we hope they stay that way.

Thanks for all your support,

Joe and Clark

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We were met at Buffalo-Niagara International Airport by three local news reporters. We felt like we had been caught in some dirty-love-pentagon and now we had to answer for our carnal sins to our media mistresses.
Here is Andrew Pierrotti’s version of our story:

NBC Affiliate – WGRZ’s Coverage
WIBV Ch. 4’s Coverage
ABC Affiliate – WKBW’s Coverage

Our trip may be over, but the story continues. We finally have time to deliver all our content to you our loyal fans!

Stay tuned over the next few days and weeks as we update the blog with the detailed accounts of our travels in each city. We have TONS of Pictures and HOURS of Video to edit down and deliver to you!

We are thankful for all the support that you have shown us during our Journey, we appreciate the comments, the donations, and those of you who hosted us as we crisscrossed the United States!

If you are just joining us for the first time, please check out our posts from the beginning of the journey until now. Also, you can become a fan on our facebook page and read through our status updates to get an insiders perspective on the trip.

If you are a publisher, please contact us. We would love to produce a book about our travels, we have detailed notes and beautiful imagery to support our stories!

Stay Tuned! The BEST is yet to come!

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5 Oct

We’ve been looking forward to Houston for a while now it was the stop when we get to meet up with our boys from Everytime I Die and get a little taste of the Rockstar lifestyle, by little I mean massive super-size me type helping.

Once we landed in Houston we hopped in a cab and headed to the House of Blues to hang with the ETID guys for a little while before the doors opened for the show. House of Blues is a great venue. The backstage area was filled with delicious treats and drinks. Each dressing room has a full bathroom in it so we took this opportunity to shower up and get nice a pretty for a night of rock ‘n’ roll.

After sound check our friends Keith and Jordan Buckley wanted to go bowling so we took a quick cab ride down to the University of Houston and hit up their student center bowling lanes. Any time there are this many type-a personalities in a room everything turns into a competition. Tonight was no exception. Teams were formed (Team Awesome: Jeremy, Joe & Keith vs Team Mitch: Steve, Clark & Jordan). Things started out tight by the 3rd frame we were only 4 pins apart. As more balls were thrown Team Mitch began to pull away and Team Awesome was starring defeat in the eyes.

This is when men are sperated from the boys. Jeremy dug deep and threw hard chalking up 4 consecutive strikes. Combined with solid rolls from Joe and Keith Team Awesome rallied like the Bills against the Oilers, came back and left the field of battle victorious.

It was time to head back to the venue and get ready for the show. Now I’m not much for hardcore (my favorite band is Pearl Jam) and truth be told I’ve never listened to ETID before The New Junk Astetic came out. Man was I blown away by their live show, absolutely incredible. The fans LOVE them and I can see why. When they started playing the 2nd to last song I decided now was my opportunity to really be a rock star and stage dive. I waited for the guys to settle into a spot so I didn’t fuck up their performing with my antics. Once I saw a clear path to the crowd I ran out, jumped off and hoped I didn’t get dropped. The fans held me high and handed off towards the back. IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE.

Now the boys at ETID really know how to close a show, they take fan involvement to a whole new level. Keith requested security back off and the fans leapt on to the stage, one by one then 10 by 10 and before you could blink everyone was jumping up and down singing along in one of the most magical moments I think I’ve ever witnessed. People connecting with each other in absolute jubilation though the magic of music. Music my friend wrote. Talk about a mind blowing experience.

We hung out backstage for a while, then we heard that a bar called Dirt wanted to take care of the ETID boys and set up a tab for the night. Well now, a dive bar, it’s called Dirt, I’m with rock-stars and people want to pay for my drinks? SIGN ME UP! Keith arranged for a fan to take us there and off we went.

I knew this was gonna be the kinda bar I wanted to be in when we pulled up. Dirt parking lot, no windows, loud music and by the mystical powers of the universe that rule dive bars the address was 222 (223 being the address of our hometown dive ‘The Pink’). This place was sooo “Almost the Pink” it even made it to the address. Things start to blur up a little here but everyone had a great time. Jeremy passed out in a booth and Steve tried to wake him up by pouring hot wax on his arm (it didn’t work).

Eventually the lights came on and it was time to bounce. Which worked out well for us because we had a flight in 3 hours. We hitched a ride back to the airport, passed out for a few hours and jumped on the next flight.

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Salt Lake City

4 Oct

On the way to Salt Lake City we met up with Brandon aka Terminal Man from Wired in the San Diego Airport.

Upon arrival we were greeted by our hosts for the evening Dean and his co-worker Jake. These two fine gentlemen work at the Customer Service Center for JetBlue in SLC. They informed us that everyone back at the office was excited to see us so naturally we wanted to get there as soon as possible so we could be greeted like celebrities.

Once we arrived everyone made us feel right at home, we even took a shower in the office locker room! After some meeting and greeting the folks at JetBlue wanted to take us to a Salt Lake City staple, the Cotton Bottom for some Garlic Burgers. We obliged.

Let me say a couple things about the Garlic Burger. It is a delicious and unique burger, one I had never experienced before. It also brings with it some SERIOUSLY noxious fumes when combined with any carbonated beverage. If you’re planning on talking to a girl within 7 hours of eating one of these you might want to consider a different meal choice. Just saying.

When we were finished indulging in some of the coldest beer on the planet and those deadly garlic burgers we headed to an AMAZING Irish Pub called Piper Down for some seriously good live music.

Salt Lake City really surprised us. It was the last place I expected to have this much fun. The people were super friendly and the scene was incredible. Then again you could have fun in any city when you’re hanging out with people as friendly and awesome as the folks at JetBlue.

See ya in Houston!

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San Diego

29 Sep

We arrived in San Diego around 7pm and were greeted at the airport by our driver for the night. We packed into the Suburban provided to us by La Costa Limousine and headed over to our friend Savi’s house, where we planned on staying.

By the time we got there and started planning out the night it was clear to us that a Suburban was just not going to cut it. What happens next is why I love my life. Walk out to the limo driver ask him if we can get a bigger car, now mind you we’re not paying for anything, he tells me “Not a problem, I’ll be back in an hour.” This is customer service. Amazing.

So when the new limo arrives we pack in and head to a place called Side Bar. This is probably the most bumping club in San Diego this night, line is around the block, idiots at the door paying $100 just to cut the line and get it.

We’re having none of this nonsense. We walk up to the bouncer tell them who we are and that we’d love to tell everyone how great the place is. The rope is opened and we walk right in. That’s just how this whole trip has been. One awesome experience after another. So Side Bar is packed to the gills but it’s actually surprisingly reasonable to drink in (beers were $5).

After being classy we decided it was time to skeez it up a little and headed to a place called “The Tavern at the Beach.” Talk about an interesting group of people. Every girl in there looked like a stripper in training. Literally. It was like shooting fish in a barrel with a fucking MOAB. Really wonderful stuff. Of course the staff at the bar loved us and took care of our tab for the night. We headed back to Savi’s house to catch some sleep.

We woke up at 8am to our driver arriving for the day. La Costa decided to send us off in style and provided us with a STRETCH ESCALADE for the day.

Upon discovery of this massive ride we decided it was time to partake in some cliff diving. We roll up to the cliffs, get out and eye up the situation. Only Savi, Clark and Joe were man enough to leap the 30 feet into the Pacific. Talk about a great way to wake up, caffeine can’t touch cliff diving.

Once we were sufficiently amped up we took a ride into Old Town to get some AUTHENTIC Mexican food. This restaurant was literally on the Mexican border and you could taste it in the food. To make things better there was a 80 year old Mariachi walking around the place playing music. Real Huevos Rancheros rule. Check out the pics:

San Diego is an absolute beautiful city and Old Town is a really remarkable little place. It’s definitely on our list of places to come back to.

Now it was time to head to Salt Lake City to hang out with some JetBlue staffers. See ya there!

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Welcome, ABC World News Tonight viewers!

ABC News

Clark and Joe spoke with ABC News Travel reporter, Scott A. Mayerowitz, the other day. Check it out!

Thanks, Scott!!

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27 Sep

Upon landing in Tampa, FL we stumbled into an opportunity to capture a genuine moment that perfectly describes the generational shift from our parents generation to ours. Joe was sporting his “narcissist” t-shirt (black with white letters) and we happen to run into an old hippie wearing a shirt that said “Imagine” (white with black letters) a more perfect picture couldn’t have been planned.

We’ve been having such a wild time on this journey we were super excited to have a what we expected to be a pretty chill night in Tampa, FL. We met up with our host for the night, Sam, at the airport and took a quick ride over to his place to shower and charge up our phones.

Sam, a friend of our friend Marty from home, fit in with the crew perfectly. Young, wild and ready to party from the word “go”.

Our first stop was a cool hockey pub called Hattrick’s (Get it?). We went there for the $1.50 drafts and 25 cent wings, but we ended up getting so much more. Sitting at the bar enjoying what were actually pretty good Buffalo Wings there suddenly appeared a mildly intoxicated Cougar next to us. Since it’s our job to be social and talkative we immediately started a conversation with her. Well one thing led to another (doesn’t it always) and she ends up telling us that her hot daughter is a WWE Diva. Of course our ears perked up right away, we had to meet up.

Normally when talking to a girl’s mom you have to be respectful and at least pretend like you’re not totally interested in hooking up with her daughter. Then maybe, just maybe she’ll ask for your number and with any luck the daughter will call you and you take it from there. NOT THIS TIME. Mother dearest just gives us her daughters number sends her a text saying “You have to meet up with these guys” and boom! We’re gonna chill with a WWE Diva in a couple hours.

Obviously excited to be body slammed by a hot chick we head back to Sam’s to get ready for what hopefully doesn’t end up being rest night. After getting pretty we headed out to meet up with this Diva.

She didn’t disappoint. I’m pretty sure she fell in love with Clark, which is nice for him. You know a chick is serious when she orders Tequila straight up. It’s always exciting to learn about other people’s crazy occupations, like professional wrestling. She had some pretty wild stories and loved telling them, great personality to make it in the WWE.

We decided it was time to head to a bar with some AC so we went to “The Rack.” Now this is an interesting place, 1 level but 5 different rooms each with their own bar and each getting incrementally more “classy”, starting with a room filled with pool tables and ultimately culminating in a sushi bar room. Very cool. The other interesting thing about this bar is it was PACKED with 10’s. Like 4 deep at every bar, just tons of hot babes. It was wonderful.

Tampa, unlike a place like South Beach, is actually really reasonable to hang out in. While it’s just as douchey as Miami the fact that you can get sub $4 drinks and 25 cent wings really makes it a nice place to visit. The downside is it’s not a central city at all. Everything is a 10 minute cab ride away so if you don’t have transport the cost savings drinking could get offset pretty easy if you move around a lot.

After a reasonable amount of time out we headed home to get classy for San Diego. See ya there!

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27 Sep

This was one of the most fun days we’ve had yet. We arrived in Sacramento greeted by car service provided by Corporate Transport Solutions, our new official transportation coordinator (

After a short ride from the Airport into Old Sacramento, we pulled up to the Delta King hotel. Now this is no normal hotel, it’s a retired steam paddle boat. Upon arrival I had the strong urge to find a lounge, light up a cigar and start playing poker with Maverick and the gang.

Clark just got himself a Blackberry and hasn’t quite mastered changing timezones with it yet. What does this mean? It means he starts kicking me violently at 2:30 am trying to convince me it’s 5:30 in the morning and the TV crew is waiting for us. Oh, it also means he called the producer at 2:30 in the morning to see where she was. Turns out she was in bed sleeping. Neither her nor I were amused.

Eventually 5:30 am did in fact roll around and it was actually time to get up. We wandered down to the front of the hotel and the phrase “blown away” doesn’t begin to describe our reaction to what we walked into: Full TV crew, live feed van, and a massive limo bus. For three dudes. That’s right, three guys, one limo party bus. That’s how we roll.

After a quick meet and greet with Mark S. Allen from CW31 in Sacramento, and Chris Quinn, the owner of Corporate Transport Solutions, it was time to do our first live shot. I nailed it like the natural I am. No nerves, I looked beautiful and I pronounced my own name correctly. Clearly, a star is born.

During our live teaser spot, as we call it in the industry, we were informed that the CW set up a little adventure for us. Clark and I were going to go on something called “the Screamer,” which is basically this long post with two seats at the end that spins around and tries to scare the crap out of you. Sounds like a blast. So off we went.

Now, when you’re about to experience some crazy g-forces in all sorts of directions, it’s always a good idea to stop by Denny’s for a quick breakfast. So that’s exactly what we did. If you’ve never had a Grand Slam Wrap (yeah, wrap)—don’t. It’s one of the most awful things I’ve ever eaten. Take a grand slam (eggs, sausage, pancakes, syrup, biscuit) and put it in a tortilla. Yeah there was syrup in the tortilla. Gross.

At this point, my stomach was already not loving me for downing what had to be a minimum of 2,000 calories of the most processed, unhealthy food on the planet. Whenever my body decides I’m doing something bad to it, I just have to up the punishment level so it knows not to act up in the future. Obviously in this scenario it meant strapping into the Screamer and seeing if the ride operators could assist me in refunding the Grand Slam Wrap that was slowly digesting. Check the video, it really shouldn’t be called the “Screamer” as much as it should be called the “Giggle Machine” because that’s really all that happened. It was a good time. (Video on its way.)

After Clark and I regained our balance and stopped sounding like 13 year old girls meeting John Mayer, we got in the party bus and headed to do our first Live studio segment (watch it here, here and here).

This was totally a trip. It was our first time in a green room, our first time on a studio set (that was really, really impressive), and my first time dealing with multiple cameras to look into.

The best part about being us right now (aside from limo rides everywhere, free hotel rooms and being showered in free drinks) is meeting people who have careers we’d kill for and all they do is tell us how awesome we are and how much they want to be us. Today we heard this from about half a dozen news anchors and reporters, so that ruled.

Mark told us to head to Mecca Club after Good Day Sacramento and have a couple pitchers on him. This sounded like a fantastic idea and that’s precisely what we did. Upon arrival at Mecca it was clear that this was our kind of place. I mean, it was 11:30 in the morning and the bar was packed and the majority of patrons had clearly been drinking for awhile. The beer at Mecca was probably the coldest I’ve ever drank, and after a hard day being on television there’s nothing better than a cold, cold beer.

Since there’s not a ton of stuff to do in Sacramento during the day, we figured now would be a good chance to hit up a college campus and check out the local chapter of TKE (Clark’s Fraternity). On our way to UC Davis we stopped by Vince’s for what we were told are the best steak sandwiches anywhere. TOTALLY FALSE INFORMATION. These things aren’t even in the same class as the Pink’s steak sandwich. I mean, I hesitate to call it a steak sandwich, that’s how insulting it is to compare the culinary masterpiece from the Pink to this impostor.

After meeting up with some of Clark’s brothers and teaching college kids some lessons we’ve learned in life, we all felt it was time for a nice relaxing swim. We took a quick trip over to a brother’s apartment and relaxed for a few hours before heading to the airport for yet another flight.

Sacramento was a fun city and being on Good Day Sacramento was an amazing experience.

See ya in Tampa, kids!

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