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The gentlemen in charge of were kind enough to feature our project on their home page news feed. Clark Dever is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and is looking to utilize his network of over 250,000 TKE Alumni and 280 Active TKE Chapters at campuses across the country during the Twelve Hours [...]

The Bon Voyage Party!

28, Aug 2009

[caption id="attachment_259" align="aligncenter" width="700" caption="Send the Cast and Crew Off - Sept. 3rd at Social (228 Franklin St)"]Send the Cast and Crew Off - Sept. 3rd at Social (228 Franklin St)[/caption]

Who: Clark / Joe / Steve / Jeremy / Friends / Family / Fans
What: The official Bon Voyage! party for the Twelve Hours in a City crew.
When: September 3rd, 2009 – 9pm until we drop.
Where: Social (228 Franklin St) Buffalo, NY
Why: Party with the crew of the show, help $end them on their way, win merch from our sponsors!

Dear Jet-Setters,
We are sorry for leaving you hanging these past three days– You know that you’ve been bad at updating your blog when your Mom sends you a worried e-mail.
How come you haven’t posted anything new on your site since the 24th?
Hope you are doing ok.
[Clark's] Mom
Media Update:
We have been VERY BUSY. We’ve had [...]

So we got the whole crew together to really start planning. We have a pretty decent “rough draft” of the last 18 days of the trip. It’s getting really intense, we’re gonna try to add some more cities so we’re not flying in and out of JFK as much as we have to now. It’s [...]

Last night, Clark was booked to shoot the Media Wall at The Black Party, an event held by our good friends at After Dark Entertainment. Chris Ring (@Ringerrr) and Brandon Davis threw a tremendous party. Performers included Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy: @PeteWentz) and DJ Tanner (Keith Buckley of Everytime I Die: @deathoftheparty).
While waiting [...]

Today Was a BIG Day!

20, Aug 2009

Wow! What a day for Twelve Hours in a City. We never thought that it would pick up steam like it has. This is truly amazing! What started as a pretty interesting idea 6 days ago has turned into something really special.
Today alone we: got featured in an article on, we did an interview [...]

We’re on!

20, Aug 2009

They mention our project and Joe was quoted in the article: “Twittering Over JetBlue’s All-You-Can-Jet Pass”. The author thinks that we’re taking it “too far”. We believe that all of you will enjoy this interesting documentary about the United States. We are very excited to show you the variety of people and cultures [...]

Well that’s all folks! The All-You-Can-Jet promo is over, no tickets for you. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a pass don’t worry, you can live vicariously through us during the whole trip…We’ll be posting daily video updates, tons and tons of photos and tweeting our asses off.
In other news, we got [...]

Hey Everyone!
We need your help. Go edit the #12Hrs Wiki and give us ideas of what we can do while we’re in your city.

What are the must see sights?
What kind of food do we have to try?
Where would you take someone that only had one day to see your city?

You can edit it at: [...]

Our Itinerary for the first twelve days

We have 19 flights spread across 14 cities in 12 days. It took us almost an hour to book this many flights with a JetBlue representative over the phone. It took us another hour or so to plan them last evening, thankfully JetBlue provides a PDF of [...]