Today Was a BIG Day!

20 Aug

B-Roll from WGRZ story

Wow! What a day for Twelve Hours in a City. We never thought that it would pick up steam like it has. This is truly amazing! What started as a pretty interesting idea 6 days ago has turned into something really special.

Today alone we: got featured in an article on, we did an interview at 8 this morning for WGRZ – NBC Buffalo. Then later that morning WKBW – ABC Buffalo called us and said they wanted to do a story on us. Unreal! Not only that but both stories were SUPER positive! Buffalo is doing a great job of looking out for 2 of their own.

So 2 television interviews in one day, then as soon as they air I get the call that KISS 98.5 wants us on the show Tuesday the 25. Then just when I thought the day wasn’t going to get any better someone sends me the link to MSNBC! Add to that we’re picking up well over 100 fans on our Facebook Fanpage each day and this social media experiment is turning into a success pretty quickly.

In monetary news we picked up some sponsors today and that’s ALWAYS a good thing. Krudmart and Hand of Doom Tattoo both joined the Twelve Hours in a City team. Welcome! Right now we’re at Prometheus233 getting some pretty pictures taken by Luke Copping.

Don’t forget we’re on at 10:30pm EST, which is right in the middle of party time so it should be REALLY interesting!

We’ll be talking about BIG BIG news tomorrow so make sure to get in on the RSS feed, become a fan on Facebook, and follow @joedinardo and @clarkdever on Twitter so you don’t miss anything

Till tomorrow, or later tonight if we’re feeling frisky.

- Joe & Clark

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