Clark’s Mom E-mailed.

27 Aug

Dear Jet-Setters,

We are sorry for leaving you hanging these past three days– You know that you’ve been bad at updating your blog when your Mom sends you a worried e-mail.

How come you haven’t posted anything new on your site since the 24th?

Hope you are doing ok.


[Clark's] Mom

Media Update:

We have been VERY BUSY. We’ve had two radio interviews and three web/magazine articles this week. If you missed them check out our In The News section. We apologize, but we have spent a lot of time working on media relations and scheduling our itinerary instead of updating our site. We are still finalizing the second and third leg of our trip, we’re hope to book our tickets tonight.

We are planning a Bon Voyage Party in Buffalo, NY for Sept. 3rd at Social (228 Franklin St); We’ve been working with Susan Cope (@SusanLynnCope) and After Dark Entertainment (@ringerrr) to set this trip off with a bang!

Wiki Update:

You have been amazingly helpful on our Wiki, but there are still quite a few cities without any local intelligence! We could also use some help getting the pages organized using sections (Like in this article: BUF).
A gentle reminder about our TravelTips and InteractiveGames pages, both of those pages need your love and creativity.

Sponsorship Update:

We have been working very hard at finding people to sponsor us. Despite the fact that the tickets are only $599 plus any fees we may be assessed. The costs associated with four guys being on the road and connected to the internet for 31 days straight add up really quickly. We already have several small businesses as Official Sponsors and in talks with a few national brands. That being said, we are still in need of your help! So please give us a call if you would like to be a part of this great project.

We are happy to announce that Ambiguous Clothing has offered to outfit our team for the trip, they have some rad designers and we are stoked to be wearing their threads. We’ve also been offered shirts from City Love Clothing (@tonycitylove), so we will be rep’ing Buffalo with their excellent designs for at least a few days of the trip. Also, nuBound (@nubound) has sponsored us with a trips supply worth of their Recovery supplement. It’s built for marathoners, so we’ll see if it helps keep us healthy and active. Last but not least, Dunkin Donuts (@DunkinDonuts) has taken pity on us and offered to supply us with Coffee after the long Red-Eye flights heading east, “America runs on Dunkin” and now so will we.

Training Update:

The gentlemen from True Blue Buffalo allowed us to follow them around as they filmed a segment at “The Anchor Bar” on Tuesday. So a special thanks to Nate Peracciny and John Paget for sharing their (hard earned) wisdom on documentary film making.

Thanks for your continued support and contributions to the project!

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