31 Aug
Crest of Tau Kappa Epsilon

Crest of Tau Kappa Epsilon

The gentlemen in charge of were kind enough to feature our project on their home page news feed. Clark Dever is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and is looking to utilize his network of over 250,000 TKE Alumni and 280 Active TKE Chapters at campuses across the country during the Twelve Hours in a City project.

“One of the benefits of being a member of the largest (read: The Best) collegiate fraternity in the United States is the bond that you have the privilege of sharing with men all over the country. I have utilized the hospitality of fellow Tekes on several trips when I have ended up in an unfamiliar city. I have never been disappointed by the charity that they have shown me.
Frater Greg Bacorn’s Barron Games was the first business to sponsor us when we came up with the idea [for] and TKE’s at UC San Diego have already volunteered to take us around when we visit their area of California. I missed Conclave this year, so I plan on using this trip to meet TKE’s from all over the country.”

If you’re a TKE, we appreciate you visiting our site and checking out our project. We hope that you add our facebook page or RSS feed . Please take a moment to tell your friends about the project or to reach out to us, so we have the opportunity to meet you on our trip. If you’re an undergraduate and you’re not a TKE, you should check to see if your campus has a chapter. If it doesn’t, you can always start a chapter with some friends (Clark did: Founding Father, Epsilon-Chi)!

Thanks for your continued support and contributions to the project!

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