10 Sep

The boys finished out the night in Boston with a brief nap on the cold floor of Logan, while they waited for the airport to re-open. At around 4:30am, they awoke and made their way through the TSA lines. At around 8am they caught a flight to Chicago. As soon as they touched the ground, Clark immediately had to go “Live-to-air” radio broadcast. After that wrapped, the boys grabbed the L and headed into the city.

Joe and Clark had to jump off the L for a quick interview with Mancow, just in time to get harassed by some transit police while speaking on a national broadcast. Then they received a text message from Clark’s fraternity brother, congratulating him on the mention on the Howard Stern Show. The crew was extatic to find out that Robin plugged the site (So if you are a Howard Fan – Like we are; Welcome to the project!). The team made their way to Joe’s friend Bina’s pad for a quick shower and “the hair of the dog” before heading for The Willis Tower!

The folks at SkyDeck Chicago (@SkyDeck) were nice enough to give us the tour of The Willis Tower and let us roam around “103″ taking in the beautiful view of the city.

Then the guys headed to Giordano’s for some of their famous deepdish pizza. It took about 40 minutes to make, but it was well worth the wait. Everyone agreed that it was the best chicago-style pizza that they had ever had.

Finally, the dudes had to head back to Ohare to catch their flight to LGB. Some locals gave us the wrong directions, if it hadn’t been for Joe’s diligence in map reading, we would have missed our flight. Luckily, we caught the “Mo Betta Blues” piloted by Capt. Tony and FO Sean and crewed by Sabrina, Lorri, and Curt, gave us an excellent flight to Long Beach.

We’ll be partying in Downtown Huntington Beach tonight, come meet up with us!

To see the rest of the images from today’s part of the journey check out Clark’s photostream on flickr.

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