12 Sep

Twelve Hours in a City – Seattle Flickr Set

As we arrived into Seattle, our old friend Akvile picked us up and we some how managed to squish the five of us into her Scion tc. It was quite the sight to see. Dropped off our bags at her place, took showers, did some laundry in her sink (even though she had a perfectly working washer), and headed off to see the city.

She first took us to Kerry Park on Queen Anne and got an amazing view of the city, Puget Sound, and Mt. Rainier. We were starving by this point so we made a quick dash to Dick’s Drive In to put some Dick’s burgers and milkshakes in our mouths.

We then proceeded to head over to the Fremont area where we saw the big Fremont Troll under the HWY-99 bridge. Clark really wanted to take a picture with everyone battling the troll, however, despite numerous attempts, the rest of the crew  ignored his suggestion to capture an epic troll battle.

We continued on to Gas Works Park. Formerly, it was Seattle’s gas light company’s gasification plant. Watched this one guy do some parkour, which inspired us to play an epic game of leapfrog (Video to come).

We then made a quick stop at Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill to see the Black Sun statue and climbed up the water tower to get a 360 view of Seattle. The hike up the stairs left everyone but Clark  out of breath for about ten minutes! On our way back to Akvile’s; Clark stopped to get an amazing cup of espresso at the Café Vivace stand on Broadway, while Joe and Jeremy went to a convenience store to buy socks and Gatorade, and Steve scored a sweet $6 Slasher shirt at Crossroads Trading Co. He was really proud of his find.

Arrived back at Akvile’s to drop off her car and set off on foot around the downtown area. Hung out at the famous Pike Place, saw some fish get thrown, fresh flowers and fruit stands everywhere, and some how felt inclined to purchase five fruit logs. Bad idea. Not as good as it sounds, so we used it as bum bait.

Clark, having railed his leg against the “black hole sun” statue and being on a heavy dosage of aspirin to prevent blood-clots had developed a massive amount of swelling on his shin which was turning a gnarly shade of purple.  He was showing the crew, when a gentlemen sitting to the right of us on the bench said he had him beat. He proceeded to tell us that only sixteen days prior, he was in a terrible motorcycle accident and was dead for ten whole minutes and was in a body bag. Whoa! He broke his back in two spots, half of his nose and cornea were on the asphalt next to him, and he showed us his shiny row of staples embellishing his forehead. And there he was, sitting at the park, sipping ona tall boy in a brown bag, enjoying this beautiful Seattle sunny day. We were impressed. Sadly, our video recorder did not record the story.

On our way back up hill, we noticed an awesome collection of gutter-punks in front of Macy’s with a sign that read “5 min = $5 massage or cigs or food.” Steve finally had someone he could give his bum bait fruit logs to! He approached this fine young lady and asked her for a massage. Amazing. She whipped out a neck pillow and placed it on the ground for him to sit on. She treats her customers quite well.  We were able to capture this exchange and it can be viewed here:

We then ventured back uphill to Capitol Hill to grab some drinks, but realized we should probably have dinner instead. We walked back down hill a few blocks and had dinner and drinks at Six Arm’s. We ended the night by building a human-pyramid on our first attempt using the 30 second timer.

To see the rest of the images from today’s part of the journey check out Clark’s photostream on flickr.

Seattle Video

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