Austin, TX

22 Sep

Our one week anniversary of the start of our most epic journey began with what some might call torture. Clark woke Joe & Steve with death metal. Not Cool. Vengeance will be had.

When we arrived in Austin we were greeted by Evan from Delaware North (the company that pretty much runs all the retail and food in airports nationwide) he was kind enough to take us out to lunch at The Salt Lick in the Austin airport. Food was AMAZING, try the seriously try it, but make sure you leave room for the most loaded baked potatoe I’ve ever seen in my life because you’re going to want to sample that, trust me.

After a welcome but extended stay at the Austin airport we were scheduled to meet up with our host for the night Mr. Dan Northcutt (goes by Northcutt, because he’s rad like that). Now when we first met Northcutt he emailed us telling us of his hot-dog restaurant suggesting we hit it up to grab some hot dogs and cold beers (interestingly enough that’s both their slogan and website ( now when someone tells you that they own a hot dog joint you’re not really expecting much. To be honest I thought we were getting picked up by a Texas hick in a pickup with a rocking mullet. I’VE SINCE LEARNED NOT TO JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S INTRO EMAIL.

Northcutt couldn’t have been more awesome if I invented him for the purpose of this project. Dude was on point. Just amazing. Picked us up took us to one of many business ventures of his, Frank. Frank isn’t just a hotdog shop. OH NO. It’s a GOURMET hog dog shop, a bar, a chill lounge (located on the 2nd floor for the nights when you just wanna sit back sip some whiskey and relax) and bodega. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT A NEW YORK CITY STYLE BOGEDA. IN A BAR. That’s how cool this guy is, he can put a bodega in his bar and get away with it and still pack the place every night.

So we’re at Frank, chilling, trying to plan out the evening, couple beers mixed with a couple shots of Jameson just figuring out where we can shower when in walks Taylor the man behind Austin’s Restaurant Week and coolest new mag Rare Austin ( Taylor tells us he has this membership to a Men’s Club called the Metropolitan Club and he’s set us up with some showers and a bar tab (people just love taking care of us it’s mind blowing). Of course we take him up on his offer and head over there immediately as a shower and beer is exactly what we were looking for at that moment.

When I say that Austin continually surprised me is a gross understatement of what that city actually gave back to me on a consistent basis. We walk into the “Member’s Only” room and WOW. Steam room, showers with 7 plus shower heads, just about every men’s grooming product you could imagine and oh yeah waiter service bringing us cold beers in the biggest goblets you’ve ever seen.

I had to indulge in a quick (1 hour is quick right?) steam before I moved into the shower to allow the 7 different shower heads to further indulge me in extreme luxury. After the showers everyone moved on to the grooming stage of extravagance. Gold Bond, hair products, hot shave cream, the works. We were truly living the life of trust-fund playboys, just without the douchiness of being raised complete’s what we call a true win-win.

Post most-amazing-shower-in-the-world we headed into the Lounge area to charge up our gear and sip on some goblets of beer. After getting sufficiently distracted by the amazing situation we found ourselves in, Northcutt calls to tell us to get our asses back to Frank so we can get this night started (by night I mean 5 in the afternoon). So off we went.

When we got back to Frank, Northcutt had his whole crew waiting for us. Among them was Stuart who gave us a quick rundown on the huge growth that Austin has been experiencing. He also happens to have a SUPER hot girl friend who owns a high end cupcake shop down the street from Frank called Delish ( Yeah, we went and got our cupcake on.

We all walked down to La Condesa which served up some really unique and delightful apps. We had sushi on a tortilla, some mini brisket burritos and REALLY REALLY good margaritas. The tab? Just shy of $300 and covered, because we’re apparently really fun to hang out with (thanks again guys!). Apparently people in Texas eat a lot more than us folks from New York because after that we went back to Frank for some platters of their amazing hot dogs. When I say amazing I really mean knock your socks off good hot-dogs. These ain’t your run of the mill street meat dogs. I’m talking Chicago style with the greenest relish you’ve ever seen and onions so sweet you swear they were made of sugar. I mean NY Style Sausage that is so authentic you’d swear you heard a cabbie cursing in the background.

So now it was officially time to “Keep Austin Weird” (the city slogan, really could a more perfect city exist?). Our first stop was the Dizzy Rooster where they had a candle light tribute to Patrick Swazye (apparently when you bounce here you have to watch Roadhouse as a training video). After that we headed over to St. Cecilia’s to class it up a bit. While enjoying martinis and margaritas we met up with the guys from English Teeth ( who gave us a track to use for the Austin b-roll video.

We’ll talk again in San Francisco!

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2 Responses to Austin, TX


Your Uncle Jim

September 25th, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Come get me!
I wanna travel the country and meet hot broads in limos and have my drinks comp’d!
And then I’ll wake up!

Sounds like you guys are gonna make it.
Stay safe….well relatively safe anyway…. not ruin-all-the-fun safe !

See you when you re-appear in Buffalo.

Uncle Jim



October 10th, 2009 at 12:48 am

uh, so you came to austin and saw the douchiest part of town? at least one of you came back to see broken social scene.

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