27 Sep

Upon landing in Tampa, FL we stumbled into an opportunity to capture a genuine moment that perfectly describes the generational shift from our parents generation to ours. Joe was sporting his “narcissist” t-shirt (black with white letters) and we happen to run into an old hippie wearing a shirt that said “Imagine” (white with black letters) a more perfect picture couldn’t have been planned.

We’ve been having such a wild time on this journey we were super excited to have a what we expected to be a pretty chill night in Tampa, FL. We met up with our host for the night, Sam, at the airport and took a quick ride over to his place to shower and charge up our phones.

Sam, a friend of our friend Marty from home, fit in with the crew perfectly. Young, wild and ready to party from the word “go”.

Our first stop was a cool hockey pub called Hattrick’s (Get it?). We went there for the $1.50 drafts and 25 cent wings, but we ended up getting so much more. Sitting at the bar enjoying what were actually pretty good Buffalo Wings there suddenly appeared a mildly intoxicated Cougar next to us. Since it’s our job to be social and talkative we immediately started a conversation with her. Well one thing led to another (doesn’t it always) and she ends up telling us that her hot daughter is a WWE Diva. Of course our ears perked up right away, we had to meet up.

Normally when talking to a girl’s mom you have to be respectful and at least pretend like you’re not totally interested in hooking up with her daughter. Then maybe, just maybe she’ll ask for your number and with any luck the daughter will call you and you take it from there. NOT THIS TIME. Mother dearest just gives us her daughters number sends her a text saying “You have to meet up with these guys” and boom! We’re gonna chill with a WWE Diva in a couple hours.

Obviously excited to be body slammed by a hot chick we head back to Sam’s to get ready for what hopefully doesn’t end up being rest night. After getting pretty we headed out to meet up with this Diva.

She didn’t disappoint. I’m pretty sure she fell in love with Clark, which is nice for him. You know a chick is serious when she orders Tequila straight up. It’s always exciting to learn about other people’s crazy occupations, like professional wrestling. She had some pretty wild stories and loved telling them, great personality to make it in the WWE.

We decided it was time to head to a bar with some AC so we went to “The Rack.” Now this is an interesting place, 1 level but 5 different rooms each with their own bar and each getting incrementally more “classy”, starting with a room filled with pool tables and ultimately culminating in a sushi bar room. Very cool. The other interesting thing about this bar is it was PACKED with 10’s. Like 4 deep at every bar, just tons of hot babes. It was wonderful.

Tampa, unlike a place like South Beach, is actually really reasonable to hang out in. While it’s just as douchey as Miami the fact that you can get sub $4 drinks and 25 cent wings really makes it a nice place to visit. The downside is it’s not a central city at all. Everything is a 10 minute cab ride away so if you don’t have transport the cost savings drinking could get offset pretty easy if you move around a lot.

After a reasonable amount of time out we headed home to get classy for San Diego. See ya there!

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