San Diego

29 Sep

We arrived in San Diego around 7pm and were greeted at the airport by our driver for the night. We packed into the Suburban provided to us by La Costa Limousine and headed over to our friend Savi’s house, where we planned on staying.

By the time we got there and started planning out the night it was clear to us that a Suburban was just not going to cut it. What happens next is why I love my life. Walk out to the limo driver ask him if we can get a bigger car, now mind you we’re not paying for anything, he tells me “Not a problem, I’ll be back in an hour.” This is customer service. Amazing.

So when the new limo arrives we pack in and head to a place called Side Bar. This is probably the most bumping club in San Diego this night, line is around the block, idiots at the door paying $100 just to cut the line and get it.

We’re having none of this nonsense. We walk up to the bouncer tell them who we are and that we’d love to tell everyone how great the place is. The rope is opened and we walk right in. That’s just how this whole trip has been. One awesome experience after another. So Side Bar is packed to the gills but it’s actually surprisingly reasonable to drink in (beers were $5).

After being classy we decided it was time to skeez it up a little and headed to a place called “The Tavern at the Beach.” Talk about an interesting group of people. Every girl in there looked like a stripper in training. Literally. It was like shooting fish in a barrel with a fucking MOAB. Really wonderful stuff. Of course the staff at the bar loved us and took care of our tab for the night. We headed back to Savi’s house to catch some sleep.

We woke up at 8am to our driver arriving for the day. La Costa decided to send us off in style and provided us with a STRETCH ESCALADE for the day.

Upon discovery of this massive ride we decided it was time to partake in some cliff diving. We roll up to the cliffs, get out and eye up the situation. Only Savi, Clark and Joe were man enough to leap the 30 feet into the Pacific. Talk about a great way to wake up, caffeine can’t touch cliff diving.

Once we were sufficiently amped up we took a ride into Old Town to get some AUTHENTIC Mexican food. This restaurant was literally on the Mexican border and you could taste it in the food. To make things better there was a 80 year old Mariachi walking around the place playing music. Real Huevos Rancheros rule. Check out the pics:

San Diego is an absolute beautiful city and Old Town is a really remarkable little place. It’s definitely on our list of places to come back to.

Now it was time to head to Salt Lake City to hang out with some JetBlue staffers. See ya there!

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Joe Anderson

October 9th, 2009 at 10:09 pm

Old Town is not on the Mexican border. Its about 20 miles north of the border.

If you had been in San Ysidro, then you would have been on the Mexican border. I don’t recommend you go there by the way.

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