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Washington DC

17, Sep 2009

Day 6 – Washington DC
After a great saturday night in South Beach it was time to visit our nation’s capitol; Washington DC. We had a nice cushion in our flight schedule so we were able to get some additional sleep at the Ft. Lauderdale airport.
Once we landed in DC it was time to ride in [...]

After a VERY difficult morning in Charlotte, we made it to the airport and got on the plane heading for Ft. Lauderdale. Upon arrival we were greeted with a BIG DOSE of humidity and Mark from Planet Massage, our guide for the day portion of our trip. He took us to Mango’s restaurant for lunch. [...]


15, Sep 2009

Took a red eye from Seattle to JFK the night of Day 3. Arrive in JFK around 6 and set up shop in T5 to work. After a couple radio interviews we started going through video and photos, lots of good stuff in there for the webisodes when we get back. At one point I [...]


12, Sep 2009

Twelve Hours in a City – Seattle Flickr Set

As we arrived into Seattle, our old friend Akvile picked us up and we some how managed to squish the five of us into her Scion tc. It was quite the sight to see. Dropped off our bags at her place, took showers, did some laundry in [...]

We arrived at LGB just after dark, caught an awesome sunset on the descent into Cali. All this flying is a humbling experience, you truly begin to understand your own insignificance on an intuitive level. The grandeur of the mountains and the surreal peacefulness of the cloudscapes, sporadically dotted with the passing shadows [...]

Boston Video

10, Sep 2009

Here’s the teaser trailer for the Boston episode. Chicago/Long Beach coming soon….

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10, Sep 2009

The boys finished out the night in Boston with a brief nap on the cold floor of Logan, while they waited for the airport to re-open. At around 4:30am, they awoke and made their way through the TSA lines. At around 8am they caught a flight to Chicago. As soon as they touched [...]

Howard Stern voices his opinion about Twelve Hours in a City! MP3 (1.6 MB)
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Day 1 – Boston

9, Sep 2009

We said our goodbyes in BUF and caught our 8am flight to BOS. We arrived at Logan without any difficulties. Upon arrival, we had our first SNAFU of the trip; our ride had passed out drunk the night before and was a no-show at the airport. After about 15 minutes of trying [...]

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