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Clark’s Gear Guide

8, Sep 2009

In this episode, Clark takes us through his gear for the trip:

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As we finalize our last-minute packing, nerves are running high—as is the excitement. Our story was featured on the front page of The Buffalo News this morning!!
We’re down to mere hours until our first flight, anyone place bets on whether Joe will miss it or not? We should be at The Buffalo-Niagara International Airport by [...]

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors it’s now only $10 at the door to come party with us at the Bon Voyage celebration tomorrow night!
Come celebrate with the cast and crew of Twelve Hours in a City. We’ll be filming for our first episode and keeping the club hectic until the owners kick us [...]

Social Media Revolution
This video outlined the fundamental concept of this project so well, that we don’t feel the need to provide written content; we are only doing so for the benefit of the web spiders. This is the social media revolution; you either get it, or you don’t– or as a mentor of ours [...]