5 Oct

We’ve been looking forward to Houston for a while now it was the stop when we get to meet up with our boys from Everytime I Die and get a little taste of the Rockstar lifestyle, by little I mean massive super-size me type helping.

Once we landed in Houston we hopped in a cab and headed to the House of Blues to hang with the ETID guys for a little while before the doors opened for the show. House of Blues is a great venue. The backstage area was filled with delicious treats and drinks. Each dressing room has a full bathroom in it so we took this opportunity to shower up and get nice a pretty for a night of rock ‘n’ roll.

After sound check our friends Keith and Jordan Buckley wanted to go bowling so we took a quick cab ride down to the University of Houston and hit up their student center bowling lanes. Any time there are this many type-a personalities in a room everything turns into a competition. Tonight was no exception. Teams were formed (Team Awesome: Jeremy, Joe & Keith vs Team Mitch: Steve, Clark & Jordan). Things started out tight by the 3rd frame we were only 4 pins apart. As more balls were thrown Team Mitch began to pull away and Team Awesome was starring defeat in the eyes.

This is when men are sperated from the boys. Jeremy dug deep and threw hard chalking up 4 consecutive strikes. Combined with solid rolls from Joe and Keith Team Awesome rallied like the Bills against the Oilers, came back and left the field of battle victorious.

It was time to head back to the venue and get ready for the show. Now I’m not much for hardcore (my favorite band is Pearl Jam) and truth be told I’ve never listened to ETID before The New Junk Astetic came out. Man was I blown away by their live show, absolutely incredible. The fans LOVE them and I can see why. When they started playing the 2nd to last song I decided now was my opportunity to really be a rock star and stage dive. I waited for the guys to settle into a spot so I didn’t fuck up their performing with my antics. Once I saw a clear path to the crowd I ran out, jumped off and hoped I didn’t get dropped. The fans held me high and handed off towards the back. IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE.

Now the boys at ETID really know how to close a show, they take fan involvement to a whole new level. Keith requested security back off and the fans leapt on to the stage, one by one then 10 by 10 and before you could blink everyone was jumping up and down singing along in one of the most magical moments I think I’ve ever witnessed. People connecting with each other in absolute jubilation though the magic of music. Music my friend wrote. Talk about a mind blowing experience.

We hung out backstage for a while, then we heard that a bar called Dirt wanted to take care of the ETID boys and set up a tab for the night. Well now, a dive bar, it’s called Dirt, I’m with rock-stars and people want to pay for my drinks? SIGN ME UP! Keith arranged for a fan to take us there and off we went.

I knew this was gonna be the kinda bar I wanted to be in when we pulled up. Dirt parking lot, no windows, loud music and by the mystical powers of the universe that rule dive bars the address was 222 (223 being the address of our hometown dive ‘The Pink’). This place was sooo “Almost the Pink” it even made it to the address. Things start to blur up a little here but everyone had a great time. Jeremy passed out in a booth and Steve tried to wake him up by pouring hot wax on his arm (it didn’t work).

Eventually the lights came on and it was time to bounce. Which worked out well for us because we had a flight in 3 hours. We hitched a ride back to the airport, passed out for a few hours and jumped on the next flight.

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October 6th, 2009 at 1:59 pm

Houston sounds like a blast…its a shame your ticket won’t get u up to Toronto for our show on tha 23rd bro…good looks on tha journey, and those shots of you guys cliff diving were totally awesome

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