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9 Oct
The Associated Press

The Associated Press - Will DDoS you to the Stone Age.

Joe and I met with Carolyn Thompson of the Associated Press this morning at a local coffee shop. We knew AP would bring some traffic… well we thought we knew. According to Google there are 1450 different versions of her article on-line right now, on domains stretching from Forbes to CNN to Yahoo even several international news sites. The traffic volume has been torrential and has basically acted as a huge DDoS attack on the site.

Unfortunately, all the attention ground our site to a halt. We’ve spent the last five hours trying to work with DreamHost to get our server on-line and responsive. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, we really do want to share our adventures with you!

At this point, I believe we may have been migrated over to a private server. Things seem to be running smoother, we hope they stay that way.

Thanks for all your support,

Joe and Clark

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