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One of our biggest fans and supporters; Nate Perraciny cut down some of our footage, taped a brief intro in Buffalo with Clark (Joe now lives in Austin, Texas) and mashed it up into this awesome recap.

Thanks Nate!
- Clark and Joe

San Diego

29, Sep 2009

We arrived in San Diego around 7pm and were greeted at the airport by our driver for the night. We packed into the Suburban provided to us by La Costa Limousine and headed over to our friend Savi’s house, where we planned on staying.

By the time we got there and started planning out the night [...]


27, Sep 2009

Upon landing in Tampa, FL we stumbled into an opportunity to capture a genuine moment that perfectly describes the generational shift from our parents generation to ours. Joe was sporting his “narcissist” t-shirt (black with white letters) and we happen to run into an old hippie wearing a shirt that said “Imagine” (white with black [...]


27, Sep 2009

This was one of the most fun days we’ve had yet. We arrived in Sacramento greeted by car service provided by Corporate Transport Solutions, our new official transportation coordinator (
After a short ride from the Airport into Old Sacramento, we pulled up to the Delta King hotel. Now this is no normal hotel, it’s a [...]

Austin, TX

22, Sep 2009

Our one week anniversary of the start of our most epic journey began with what some might call torture. Clark woke Joe & Steve with death metal. Not Cool. Vengeance will be had.
When we arrived in Austin we were greeted by Evan from Delaware North (the company that pretty much runs all the retail and [...]

Kissimmee & Burlington

18, Sep 2009

Day 7 – Kissimmee/Burlington
We’ve been looking forward to our Orlando trip for a little while now but all of our expectations proved to be way too low. The people of the Kissimmee visitors center took such good care of us it’s literally raised the bar to a whole new level.

Orlando is one of our shortest [...]

Boston Video

10, Sep 2009

Here’s the teaser trailer for the Boston episode. Chicago/Long Beach coming soon….

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10, Sep 2009

The boys finished out the night in Boston with a brief nap on the cold floor of Logan, while they waited for the airport to re-open. At around 4:30am, they awoke and made their way through the TSA lines. At around 8am they caught a flight to Chicago. As soon as they touched [...]

Day 1 – Boston

9, Sep 2009

We said our goodbyes in BUF and caught our 8am flight to BOS. We arrived at Logan without any difficulties. Upon arrival, we had our first SNAFU of the trip; our ride had passed out drunk the night before and was a no-show at the airport. After about 15 minutes of trying [...]