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We have a variety of sponsorship needs and ways to become involved in the project. We are looking for business both large and small to help us to achieve our goals.

We wear your t-shirts

We shoot lots of video and take a ton of pictures. We’re also on TV, a lot. So if you have a t-shirt with your business on it, we’ll wear it for a day. Rates are $100/day for Joe & Clark and $50/day for Steve and Jeremy. Email joeandclark@twelvehoursinacity.com or call Joe: +1 716.870.5633 to schedule a day when we wear your shirt.

Contact Us: joeandclark@twelvehoursinacity.com

Call Joe: +1 716.870.5633

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If you appreciate the site and have enjoyed viewing our travels, please think about making a donation to us. Remember that Paypal takes it’s transaction fees up front, so please give generously.