Who are the Crew?

Clark Dever: Adventurer and Photojournalist

Clark Dever Adventurer and Photojournalist

Clark Dever

Clark grew up in Honeoye Falls, NY. He spent his youth wandering in the woods, developing both his intense curiosity and innate sense of adventure. During college he focused primarily on the social aspects of the institution. After graduation he backpacked solo through Northern Luzon, PI. Returning to the United States, he mistakenly stumbled into a corporate desk job in Phoenix, AZ. After correcting his indiscretion and moving back to Buffalo, NY; Dever has focused solely on pursuing his passions: experiential learning, photography, and meeting new people.

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Joe DiNardo: Comedian and Social Butterfly

Joe DiNardo: Marketer, Comedian and Social Butterfly

Joe DiNardo

Joe, 25, grew up in Buffalo, New York. He attended the University at Buffalo, where he met Clark. He followed a career in marketing, eventually landing at the helm of the marketing department for a financial services company. He has enjoyed great success there, contributing to a portfolio growth of over $150 million. Joe is fascinated by social media and its marketing possibilities. Oh, by the way, Joe hates flying—take-offs are terrifying to him! City which Joe can’t wait to visit: Los Angeles

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Steve “Mitch” Micciche

Steve, 30, was born in the rugged wildernesss of West Seneca, a suburb of Buffalo, New York. After spending ample time exploring the slates and brew forts in the woods—searching for the ultimate party site—Steve went on to fetch a high school diploma and a college degree in Business. Seven years of touring in a band, over four years in sales, and a clothing line later, Steve, a taller, whiter, more charming Juvenile, has joined forces with Twelve Hours in a City.

Place he’s most excited to see: “the back alleys, to find the real tweeks on the streets” come n get it

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Jeremy Michael Grodek

Originally born Gordon Shumway, in Buffalo, New York, at an undisclosed date and time. On his birth a prophecy was made “there will be born today, one, who will deliver a new wave of coolness to the people and the lands”, only the unfolding of time and space would determine the accuracy of the proclamation.

Living a modest childhood, he grew up in the mean streets of West Seneca. Where he learned the ways of the knife and the pain of love. A local gang called “Blades” recruited him for membership, he misspent his youth running numbers and hustling, becoming one of the gangs top earners. After working up through the ranks of Blades and becoming an officer, life became as easy as the killing did. As a Blade’s Officer, he was given a room at the prestigious Blades Mansion, where the occupants are showered with women and soap sculptures.

Life was good, but the lifestyle soon became the deathstyle and Grodek was forced to move on or face eminent incarceration or his untimely demise. Grodek found his new beginnings in a job traveling the country side and running the pyrotechnics for the bands: Pen 15, Southpaw, Ape Nuts, Super Star HJ, and Captain Tragedy. The road is an evil mistress and the tours became a drug fueled binge in the world of social networking. In his travels Grodek met new people, new habits, and new demons.

Stay tuned as the Saga Continues …

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